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Kramer Sustainer Guitar


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Up for sale is a vintage Kramer sustainer guitar.  Let's make very clear what is being sold.  This is an original Kramer sustainer body from the 1980's.  The neck is not original to the body but is a 1980's Kramer neck with Kramer logo tuners.  The finish on the body is holoflash that was done by a collector schooled in this type of finish, some people prefer not to have a clear over this type of finish as is the case on this guitar.  The holoflash job on this guitar is very nice and looks amazing on stage under the lights, it is a great quality holoflash. 
The pick ups - Bridge pickup is a new Seymour Duncan JB in reverse zebra.  The neck pick up is a Dimarzio X2N in blue.  The bridge is a Peavey Floyd Rose licensed bridge like what is used on the Wolfgang guitars.
This guitar is a great playing and sounding instrument but as you may have noticed it does not include the Sustainer electronics.
I bought this with the intention of fully restoring it and installing the Fernandez sustainer electronics but I have never got to it, so I am offering it here as a great players guitar or as a project for someone to complete.
Let me stress that this is a really nice playing guitar.
One more thing to mention is that I recently added the JB pick up with this and it is not wired up yet and I decided to sell so it comes to you that way.  The pickup installation I was using is direct mount but you could add pick up rings if you prefer.  5 minutes and a solder gun, new strings and there you go.
No case but will be packed well and shipped insured.

 I am pricing this to move so... Happy bidding!